Misting Fans



Model No.:HW-26MC07-RC

Name :Remote Control Wall-mounted

Centrifugal Mist Fan

Voltage:220v-240v  /  100v-120v


Motor:High-quality Tiger motor

Size : 26"

Power: 230W

Speed: 3

Tank:ABS Material,15L

Max Mist volume :5L/H

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Features of misting fans:

1. Wall-mounted type: lightweight and can be hung on the wall;

2.  remote control: with a remote control, can be in any place, as the heart adjust, not only can be adjusted on the machine, greatly increased the use of the process of convenience,

3.beautiful: white water tank, can match any style of the wall

Misting Fan

Water mist fan is a newly developed environmental protection fan, which is popular all over the world in recent years. Due to its unique function, it has a very significant effect and superior performance price ratio in cooling, humidification, dust removal, deodorization, disinfection, anti-static and other fields.

There are two types of water mist fans: wall mounted fans and floor mounted fans, which are more suitable for different locations. Water mist fans decompose water into fine water mist through secondary centrifugal rapid movement, and then disperse the water mist with the help of the wind power of the fan.

Misting Fan
sealed motor
Misting Fan
Misting Fan
Misting Fan
Misting Fan


Mist Fan
Misting Fans


Decrease temperature: At least 3-8℃ within short times.
Increase relative humidity.
Reduce dust effectively.
Purify air.
Occasions: Outdoor restaurant& cafe, garden, bus station, walking street, play ground, or any place which needs cooling.
Misting air cooler is widely used in outdoor occasions such as open square,
playgrounds, stadiums, airports, walk streets, bus stations, outdoor restaurant and villa gardens; it is also used for industrial workshops in textiles,porcelain,casting factories,etc.
Principle & Effect:
Mist particles emitted by misting device will take away the heat through evaporation, which travel to target area when the fan blows. In the effective area, it can decrease temperature by3~8degress and helps increase relative humidity, reduces dust and purity air, which makes a comfortable living & working space.


Misting Fan
mist fan
Misting Fan

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