Advantages of spray fan principle

There are two ways to choose the spray cooling fan
The one-time investment of the spray Centrifugal Mist Fan is small, and the overall operating efficiency is high, and the operating cost is low. Taking a space of 2,000 square meters as an example, using 20 air-conditioning hosts, calculated at full load in one hour, the operating power is 20KW, while the new generation of spray The 40 cooling fans run at only 10KW per hour, and if they run for 10 hours a day, the energy saving can reach 50%.


The new generation of spray fans, spray fans, cooling fans and cooling fans use the advanced centrifugal secondary atomization principle, so that under the action of the rotating disc and the mist spraying device, the water uses centrifugal force to make the ultra-fine mist droplets reach 10 microns, thus greatly improving the evaporation surface area; the mist droplets are blown by the fan through the airflow, which means that the wind speed on the liquid surface is greatly increased and the diffusion of gas molecules is accelerated. Therefore, the evaporation of water is greatly increased, and heat is absorbed during the evaporation of water, reducing the temperature and increasing the relative humidity of the air. In the process of use, there is no water drop phenomenon, fine atomization, and long range. If it is used with a large-flow axial flow fan, the indoor exhaust air volume and the air flow speed can be increased, which can further improve the use effect. This technology developed rapidly in South Korea. It began to be imported into my country in the late 1990s, and some domestic enterprises began to apply it, but its high price made most enterprises discouraged. Deqing Zhongwei Electric Co., Ltd. has finally fully digested and absorbed its original technology after painstaking research. At the same time, it has further improved the raw materials and processing technology on the original basis, so that the use effect is greatly improved. Its outstanding advantages are as follows: the structure is relatively simple, and a single unit can be used; the mobility is stronger, more flexible, and the application range is wider; because the system does not require high pressure, the cost is lower, and the nozzle is easily blocked; At the same time, the cooling speed is faster; there is no need to transform the use environment of the workshop; because we have been able to produce in batches, the price is very low, and the products are sold at home and abroad; at the same time, because we have adopted new technologies, the overall power of the equipment is smaller , In this way, when the customer is practical, it can save power and energy. The power of a single unit is only more than 200 watts, which saves a lot of use costs for customers, and the failure rate of the equipment is very low. Actual work efficiency..

Post time: Jan-27-2022