The utility model relates to a hand-pushed centrifugal humidifier

Centrifugal humidifier technologies, including outer shell, described in the outer shell of the internal Settings are out of the fog, and mist plate set outside of the chute, described in the support bar at the bottom of the outer casing connection, and placed the bottom of the support bar is hold boxes, referred to accommodate box set inside the water tank, referred to accommodate box outer wall on the right side of the set power supply area, and accommodate box placed the outer wall of the left side has a water inlet, referred to hold the bottom of the box connected with the base, and both sides of the base set with the connecting shaft. The utility model, through the fog for active connection between plate and chute, dial the out of the fog made in artificial board, out of the mist plate rotation, facilitate with positive slot corresponding to the outside shell, so as to achieve the aim of controlling the size of the quantity of fog, and then out of the fog plate rotation to the outer shell bottom solid positive region, are easy to protect the internal not easy to accumulate dust.

 Heavy Humidifier

High-tech energy-saving practical humidifier, using centrifugal atomization technology, a large quantity of humidification and range far, can be arbitrary adjust the volume of the fog, atomization small, uniform, can be used in different seasons of hot and cold water to rise to cool and wet, prevent clogging, maintenance free, convenient and flexible operation, boot, just by turning on the power supply without other power. Centrifugal humidifier is the use of composite vacuum produced by the rotation of the impeller, driven by high speed motor under atmospheric pressure of the water in the water storage tank through the suction pressure to the composite atomization impeller, classics into ф 5 um thin fog, after the intakes of breeze, sent to the mouth out of the fog, fog in the mouth and aspirant high-speed wind duct confluence, formed the aerosol spray into the air, aerosol into contact with the waste heat in the air, completely vaporized, achieve the purpose of humidification.

Post time: Apr-02-2021