The working principle of centrifugal fog fan

You can move as you like, it uses centrifugal technology instead of high pressure technology. It doesn’t have a nozzle. Therefore, there is no need to consider clogging problems caused by filter systems or nozzles. No complicated pump connections or complicated cable combinations. It is easy to move, use and maintain. Three-speed speed regulation. You can tilt your head, and the amount of water mist can be adjusted randomly. This spray system can suppress dust, adjust the atmosphere, and reduce the surrounding temperature by 4-8 degrees when the water droplets evaporate. The surrounding area can be used up to 30-50 square meters. Make the environment clean, cool and comfortable



The working principle of the Centrifugal Mist Fan HW-20MC09 is that under the action of the rotating disc and the mist spraying device, the water uses centrifugal force to generate ultra-fine mist droplets, thus greatly improving the evaporation surface area; The wind speed on the surface of the liquid is greatly increased, and the diffusion of gas molecules is accelerated, so the evaporation of water is greatly increased. During the evaporation process of water, water absorbs heat and reduces the temperature. At the same time, it can increase the relative humidity of the air, reduce dust, and purify the air; this atomizing fan It uses centrifugal force to generate droplets, so it is called centrifugal atomizing cooling fan.

good effect

Large air volume, long fog distance, adjustable spray volume and spray angle;

Good quality

Adopt dual motor system, the motor adopts low temperature rise design, strong overload capacity;

easy to operate

90° shaking head adjustment, three speed adjustment, spray size can be adjusted at will

ultra safe

Waterproof electrical design, with good waterproof performance and safe use;

Ultra durable

Adopt CAD optimized design, beautiful appearance, powder coating on the surface, good anti-rust performance and durability;

super easy

Simple installation, convenient maintenance, no blockage;

Post time: Feb-21-2022