What is a fog fan

Anyone who has participated in a large outdoor event or watched a side game in a football match broadcast on TV is likely to see a smoky fan at work. Sometimes this fan is surrounded by an open canvas cover and is advertised as a cold zone. The air around these Industrial Misting Fans can be 40 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the ambient temperature, which can turn an unpleasant 100°F (38°C) workday into a very tolerable 75°F (24°C) within a few minutes of operation.













Centrifugal Mist Fan can be used to cool people in outdoor stadiums. When used in closed environments such as greenhouses, spray fans will initially cool the entire area and then provide high humidity for thirsty plants. Some specialty stores will also use these types of fans. Customers provide fresh food. The effect of air conditioning can also create a more comfortable shopping environment for outdoor agricultural products stalls. Greenhouses can benefit from spray fans.

A typical spray fan is based on thermodynamic principles and evaporative cooling. If you put a wet towel in front of an electric fan, you may notice that the area around the towel becomes significantly colder.

When the water on the towel evaporates, it will take away a certain amount of thermal fan to circulate the cooler air in the room. It is like a simple air conditioner. The spray technology uses the concept of evaporative cooling to make it more efficient and efficient. Everything starts with water.

The special high-pressure pump generates enough water pressure to reach a rated value of 1000 pounds per square inch (pounds per square inch). The extremely thin nozzle opening reduces the water flowing out into micron-sized droplets. This effect creates a mist that evaporates almost immediately when exposed to warm ambient air and sunlight. When a single droplet takes away heat, the air temperature will drop significantly. An electric fan blows this combination of super-cooled air and water mist hundreds of yards or more. Since the mist produced by the spray fan system is very fine, few people can actually benefit from this cooling effect and get actually wet.

This effect is similar to standing in a light mist on a cool morning-water vapor may condense on a cold surface, but it hardly appears on human skin. Only standing less than 6 inches (15 cm) away from the sprinkler can you feel significant humidity. The water supply of the fan usually filters impurities before entering the nozzle, and the total amount of water rarely exceeds 1 to 2 gallons per hour (approximately 3.8 to 7.6 liters), although most spray fan systems are used for crowds in outdoor arenas or stadiums. Cooling, small home-use units are becoming more and more popular. Some outdoor swimming pool owners have found that if the area around the swimming pool is also kept cool, swimmers will feel more comfortable. People who like to work in the backyard garden or outdoor garage can also get from Benefit from the cooling effect of this fan.

Mowing grass in a small yard no longer requires long heat stretching on the lawn mower. These household spray fan systems do not require special equipment, as the built-in pumps and nozzles have been calibrated to achieve the best performance. The defogging fan uses a similar technology to the evaporative cooling device.


Post time: Aug-13-2021