Natural Gas Patio Heater(Height Adjustable)



Name: Natural Gas Patio Heater(Height Adjustable)

Fuel:  Natural Gas

Max. Wattage: 13000 watts

Min. Wattage: 5000 watts

Consumption: 0.4m³/hr-0.87m³/hr

Height: 1.4-2m

Material: stainless steel or steel

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Product features:

The fire net of combustion furnace adopts imported high-density high-quality stainless steel alloy material, which is corrosion-resistant and fire-resistant, which can ensure the service life and effect of the product to the maximum extent. The combustion furnace head adopts the most advanced gas combustion technology in Europe, and the air ratio of the gas reaches the optimal value to ensure that each gas can be fully burned to produce the maximum heat and the minimum exhaust

Umbrella gas heater features:

1, the heat is large, fast heating, no preheating, open that is hot, independent heating, no installation, using infrared radiation heating, heating quickly and smoothly,

It can be turned on within a few minutes to raise the temperature to the desired temperature. The power range is 5 kilowatts to 13 kilowatts and can be adjusted on demand.

2 the use of safety, environmental health, elegant appearance, fine workmanship, no smoke, no dust, no noise, not restricted by conditions, can be moved to the need

A place to keep warm.

3, can achieve local heating, where there are customers, where the need for heating, the nearby umbrella gas heater can be opened, other places can be closed, so as not to cause a waste of resources.

4, safety issues: my company's umbrella gas heater products, high safety, with dumping protection, flameout protection

Protection, hypoxia protection, if you accidentally knocked it down, it will immediately flameout, automatically expire, need to be reopened to burn again, completely solve your worries, so you can rest assured that our products.

Gas Patio Heater
Gas Patio Heater
Gas Patio Heater

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1. 24 hours on line service, support Chinese,English, Spanish, French, German, Russian ,technical guidance.

2. When meets machine failure problem, our factory will ensure that the problem is solved within 1 hour.

3. Povide machine install video.

4. Provide logistics information, like shipping by sea, real-time tracking service.


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