Oscillation Type Double-motor Heavy Humidifier


Model No.:HW-20MC08-O

Name: Oscillation Type Double-motor Heavy Humidifier (speed adjustable)

Size: 20”

Voltage: 220-240V

Frequency: 50Hz

Motor: High-quality tiger motor


Tank: 60L

Max mist volume:20L/H


Metal Disc:Stainless Steel

humidifier:heavy mist

Big wheel : easy to move

Product Detail

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Heavy Humidifier Is Ideal for

outdoor patio & backyard misting,warehouse & garage misting,horse stable & barn misting,
zoo, fair & festival misting,cookout & pool misting,rock and jazz concert misting,outdoor weddings & reception misting,greenhouse misting,amusement park & special event misting,construction site misting
or any location that needs relief from the summer heat.

Double-motor Heavy Humidifier


The heavy humidifier is a dual motor with adjustable gear to control speed, plus a shake of the head and wheels at the bottom to be pushed by hand, greatly increasing the utility of the heavy humidifier.

Double-motor Heavy Humidifier
Oscillation Type Double-motor Heavy Humidifier
Double-motor Heavy Humidifier


1. How much time does it take to produce fog?

 Immediately, when the system starts, water mist can be generated immediately.

2 .Is it possible to produce applicable moisture?

 Yes, our system has an independent control of the atomization switch, can specifically adjust the size of atomization, suitable for different occasions of moisture requirements.

3. What is the power consumption and water consumption of the cooling system?

 Energy saving, power consumption per 6 hours is only once, energy consumption is less than 10 times less than air conditioning, very humanized, water consumption depends on the amount of atomization you need in different environments.

4. Does the system need maintenance?

 No maintenance, regular cleaning of water tank can be.

5. How to install?

 The system is generally installed around the use of the occasion so that all open areas can be covered by mist, if wall mounted, should be installed from the ground 2.30 meters-3.50 meters.

6. How should the system be designed?

 Our technical staff have received professional training in various fields to help design systems suitable for users' needs


Standing fan Quality control

1)Before the order can be confirmed final .We would strictly check the material ,color ,plugs step by step .

2)We salesman ,also as a order follower , would trace every phase of production from the beginning .

3)We have a QC term , every product would be checked by them before packed .

4)We would try our best to help clients solve problem when they occur.

Our promises

Fast responed, fast shipping, fast communication.

Payment terms

By T/T,30% by T/T in advance before production and 70% balance by T/T before shipment.

 Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:carton


Lead Time :20 days

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