Single-motor Heavy Humidifier HW-20MC08A


Name:  Single-motor Heavy Humidifier

Voltage:  220-240V

Frequency:  50Hz

Motor:  High-quality tiger motor

Size:  20”

Power: 550W

Tank:  60L

Max mist volume:  20L/H

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of Single-motor Heavy Humidifier

Single-motor Heavy Humidifier has large humidification capacity, uniform atomization and stability

The machine adopts special structure, can use deep well water or frozen water in summer, cooling and humidifying treatment; Spring and autumn available tap water to humidify the space; In winter, hot water can be used to heat and humidify the space, filling the gap that can not be humidified with hot water. No special requirements for water quality (generally tap water); Automatic water supply, humidity control (single control, can also be centralized control); Equal enthalpy humidification can clean and filter the indoor air. The energy consumption is small, the humidification efficiency is 100%, the water consumption is equal to the humidification amount; Adopts double air duct filtration technology, large pipe diameter drainage, the water tray is made of aluminum alloy with smooth bottom, which completely solves the problems of easy blockage and difficult cleaning of centrifugal humidifier. The installation method is flexible and diverse, and can be set up and installed at will. The construction is simple, safe and reliable. It is especially suitable for direct humidification in working conditions where humidity requirements are high (60%RH) or heat source is difficult to humidify.

Oscillation Type Single-motor  Heavy Humidifier
Oscillation Type Single-motor  Heavy Humidifier

Single-motor Heavy Humidifier humidifier humidification range is larger

more uniform, reasonable design of water circulation system to make the atomizer backwater fully reused without making it fall on the ground. The installation is simple, convenient, connect the power supply, water can start up, without other power. It is most suitable for printing, cotton spinning, wool spinning, linen products, cigarettes and agriculture and other large areas of work places.



Technical Data of
Single-motor Heavy Humidifier

 Name  Heavy mist fan  Model  HW-20MC08A
 Airflow  7200 M3/L  Pump Power  30W
 Humidified Area  300M2  Tank Capacity  60L
 Spray Direction  Manual  Supporting frame and Wheels  Yes
 Motor Power  600 W  BackSafety Net  Yes
 Fan Type  Centrifugal  Net Weight  70 kg
 Power Supply  220/240V 50/60 HZOr re-design  Gross Weight  89 Kg
 Fan/Disc Speed  2800/1400 RPM  Overall Dimension  550×450×1350mm
20’ FCLLoading Quantity  40 UNIT  Packing Dimension 720×650×550mm710×560×800mm
40’ GP/HQLoading Quantity  72 UNIT  Packing CARTON
Delivery Time T/T 10 daysLC 30 days MOQ 10 UNITS
Payment Term T/T LC    


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