Oscillation Type Single-motor Heavy Humidifier HW-20MC08A-O


Name:  Oscillation Type Single-motor

Heavy Humidifier

Voltage:  220-240V

Frequency:  50Hz

Motor:  High-quality tiger motor

Size:  20”

Power: 550W

Tank:  60L

Max mist volume:  20L/H

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Technical Data of
Oscillation Type Single-motor Heavy Humidifier

 Name  Heavy mist fan  Model  HW-20MC08A-O
 Airflow  7200 M3/L  Pump Power  30W
 Humidified Area  300M2  Tank Capacity  60L
 Spray Direction  Manual  Supporting frame and Wheels  Yes
 Motor Power  600 W  BackSafety Net  Yes
 Fan Type  Centrifugal  Net Weight  70 kg
 Power Supply  220/240V 50/60 HZOr re-design  Gross Weight  89 Kg
 Fan/Disc Speed  2800/1400 RPM  Overall Dimension  550×450×1350mm
20’ FCLLoading Quantity  40 UNIT  Packing Dimension 720×650×550mm710×560×800mm
40’ GP/HQLoading Quantity  72 UNIT  Packing CARTON
Delivery Time T/T 10 daysLC 30 days MOQ 10 UNITS
Payment Term T/T LC    
Double-motor Heavy Humidifier
Oscillation Type Single-motor  Heavy Humidifier

Application scope and conditions

of Oscillation Type Single-motor Heavy Humidifier

Production, processing, refining, storage of goods mostly contain water, and constantly exchange water with the surrounding air, dry air will absorb water from these materials to reach a balance, the result is to make the material dry, deterioration, and bring a lot of inconvenience to the later production and processing. The most typical industries are textile processing industries: cotton spinning, wool spinning, silk spinning, flax spinning, chemical fiber, garment making; Printing industry: paper wet balance, printing workshop, binding, packaging; Tobacco industry: tobacco leaf sorting, moistening, sorting, shearing, rebaking, cigarette, packaging; Electronic purification: clean room, battery curing, semiconductor chip manufacturing; Aquaculture industry, biological pharmaceutical, laboratory, warehousing industry, iron and steel metallurgy, etc. If the main voltage of centrifugal humidifier fluctuates, it should be stabilized within the range of ±10% of the voltage specified on the nameplate. Ambient temperature - indoor temperature should meet the range of -20℃ ~40℃; Ambient humidity - the maximum permissible indoor relative humidity is 95%, but condensed water is produced; Use ordinary tap water.


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